Swivel Socket & Bulb

We've had the same problem that some of you have had. We wanted to move the Three Rabbits nightlight to the kitchen next to the patio door. Seemed only fair since we watch the Jack Rabbits and Cottontails out the door. Problem is, the socket is a GFI and the plug in is sideways!

Of course we could just put the Suncatcher on the clip sideways but, we started working on a solution.

Along the way, we found out that the next generation of home outlets includes outlets at a 45 degree angle to help in plugging in all those adapters we have.

We still can't be there to make sure the outlets are put in according to code so we made sure this socket swivels 360 degrees in 45 degree increments.

This Swiveling Light Socket still has the On/Off Switch. A clear, 5-Watt Bulb is Included with each socket. This socket will take any C7 style bulb up to 7 watts. That means all the colored Christmas light bulbs will work.
Also available in wholesale lots.
NOTE: These sockets are designed to use our clips so that something can be attached around the neck through which the light will shine.

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